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True Gunton Superheroes

These two superheroes were spotted in mid February by a driver passing by.

Two Gunton employees helping a woman cross the street photo

The driver posted the following on Pella’s Facebook page.

“I was stopped at S. Broad and Wolf Street in Philadelphia when I pulled along side one of your trucks. The truck was pulled over, the flashers on, and I noticed no one was inside. I pulled up a little further and saw two of your employees helping an older woman in the middle of the busy city street who was having some difficulty. These two guys could have just whizzed by like the rest of the traffic, but instead they saw to it that this woman crossed the street safely.”

Who were these two in the photo? Bob Gibson, Service Field Manager, and Marc Ferrante, Service Technician, both from the Philadelphia Division.

Marc Ferrante and Bob Givson photos

When asked about the picture Bob stated, “Marc and I were sitting in traffic when we noticed a senior citizen who was crossing the street trip on the curb. She landed on her face and was bleeding form her nose and cheek bone. Marc and I quickly hopped out of the service truck, helped her up, and showed her to the hospital across the street.”

This Facebook post was quickly shared over 100 times with many comments. Just some of the comments follow.

“This should shock no one who has worked with this company. They are people who care about people – they just happen to make excellent windows and doors.”
“Way to go Pella fellas, great example of good corporate citizenship.”
“Wow! Awesome. Thank you for sharing and than you to those two men! Pella is lucky to have such great employees.”
“Nice to know that there are still kind people in the world… To stop in your tracks for someone else is something from the “Past”… True gentlemen.”
“A quality company is made of quality employees.”

Brian Petak photo

This March 21st daily update e-mail from Superhero Brian Petak (OH Div) was a bit out of the ordinary. Brian was in Pella, IA to attend their two-week retail Pella Sales Training.

After I got back to the hotel today I went for my two-mile run. I ran the same route that I did all of last week. I turned a corner off of a main road and I heard very loud noise, and it was loud even with my earbuds in. I turned around and a cement truck had been backing into a drive and missed off to the one side. The truck flipped over off the road and smashed the whole side of the truck and half of the engine. I could see the guy inside flailing trying to get out. I sprinted over and grabbed his arm and helped pull him out through the windshield. He was fine. His shoulder looked a little beat up, but he was fine… just very disheveled and in shock. I think if the truck would have been another four feet back the truck could have rolled more and crushed the compartment. Was pretty crazy.”

Here's to Bob, Marc, and Brian, our Gunton Superheroes!

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